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                        we provide Personal Service and
                        Exceptional Quality.
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*EXPERIENCE -   Thirteen years of expereince.       
                         Trusted and Referred since 1998

*EDUCATION -   IICRC Certified

*SYSTEMS   -    Most advanced Systems on the  

*GUARANTEE -   If the spot comes back, so do  



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About Us

Quality and Honesty Aren't Expensive  They're Priceless!


Did you know...

  • Your carpet works like a filter, trapping unhealthy pollutants. Regular cleaning can relieve symptoms of asthma and allergies.
  • Even a well-maintained vacuum can lose 80% of its "pick up ability" when the bag reaches 25% full.
  • Routine maintenance is essential to maintaining your carpets warranty.
  • Scotchgard makes vacuuming easier and prolongs the life of your carpet.

Our truck-mounted equipment gets deeper down into the fibers to extract years of unseen dirt & debris!

Our RX-20 Rotary Cleaner lifts and moves carpet fibers for a more thorough cleaning. It also extracts more water than other methods, so your carpet dries more quickly.